Wealth Management
in a connected world.

We provide a discreet bespoke service that uses the latest technologies to connect our expertise with your financial goals, needs and desires.

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Exclusive access to a diversified portfolio.

Is your wealth safely invested?

Our ample diversification of investments, a seasoned knowledge of financial markets, global trends and outlooks are our key to the steadiest and most consistent growth.

Holistic Wealth Management Solution.

How big is your investment in life?

Our commitment is to pick innovative strategies and solutions targeted to your needs, goals and risk tolerance at every stage of your life.

Strategic Asset Legacy.

Are your assets future-proof?

We are your passport to passing on your wealth to future generations. We know your assets are the foundation of their future. Protecting them is paramount to us.

Our Approach

We strive to thoroughly understand your unique needs and wishes. Our innovative use of the latest technology allows you to keep track of every development in your portfolio. If you need us we are there to answer any question you may have.

Technology Driven

Technology Driven

A fast-paced world requires use of responsive technology and wealth management is no exception. We put cutting-edge technology to work assisting us in making timely and reliable investment decisions on your behalf and keeping you informed as we go.
Swiss Integrity

Swiss Integrity

Our base is Geneva, Switzerland, the cradle of international portfolio management and private banking. We liaise with the most prestigious Swiss banks to provide you with a secure and politically stable transaction base.
Total Confidentiality

Total Confidentiality

The cornerstone of our service is our promise of complete confidence and discretion. With Havergate you are assured of a fully open and honest relationship with your private wealth manager, knowing that anything you reveal will be completely confidential.
Personal Support

Personal Support

Our advisors are fully committed and available to build a long-term relationship of mutual trust. They provide made-to-measure support for your wealth management journey and are ready to meet your demands at a moment’s notice.
24/7 Access

24/7 Access

We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. Whether you choose to pick up the phone, email or instant message us, we are ready to serve.
In App Management <small>(coming soon)</small>

In App Management (coming soon)

Our proprietary application allows you to follow every move your portfolio makes. Keep up to speed with every transaction and manage every development from wherever you may be.

Independence and impartiality.

Free from conflicts of interest

Havergate is fully independent and free from any engagement with other banking and financial institutions. We have an unshakeable commitment to protecting your position and we pledge to make a completely impartial selection of the financial instruments available on the market.

The trust of exclusive clients across the globe.

The trust of exclusive clients across the globe.

Cross cultural reach

Havergate’s clients are located on five continents and trust us to act on their behalf in the global market. They rely on our wide-ranging view of the investment world and our ability to deliver their desired returns wherever they may be.

The expertise of a diversified team.

Dedicated experts at your service

Havergate’s close-knit team of nine professional asset managers is based around the world and our expertise covers a huge range of sectors. We methodically monitor the investment universe on your behalf and we mobilise all of our experience to match your risk and return demands.

Havergate Team

The experience of your trusted advisor.

Your port of call for objective advice

Havergate can work with you based on an advisory agreement or a discretionary investment mandate. Your level of involvement in building your bespoke portfolio is entirely up to you.
A dedicated wealth manager and a team of investment specialists will be available to make the very best decisions on your behalf or to be your go-to authority for advice on your next strategic move.

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